Friday, June 13, 2008

The End of America - Part I

1962 – US Supreme Court (SC) ends prayer in public schools.
1965 – SC grants married couples the right to use contraception.
1972 – SC grants unmarried couples the right to use birth control.
1973 – SC, in Roe v. Wade, legalizes abortion on demand.
1977 – SC grants minors the right to use birth control.
2003 – SC strikes down a Texas law banning sodomy.
2003 – MA Supreme Judicial Court legalizes gay and lesbian marriage.
2008 – The CA SC rules that homosexual marriage is legal.

20?? – American economy enters second “great depression.”
20?? – Europe burns as Muslim riots break out in every major city.
20?? – France elects first devout Muslim Prime Minister.

20?? – France's Muslim PM declares France a Muslim country.
20?? – USA embraces Sharia as a basis for trying Muslims in court.
20?? – England embraces Sharia as a basis for trying Muslims in court.

20?? – Muslims take a majority of seats in British Parliament.
20??England is officially declared a Muslim country.
20?? – Germany is officially declared a Muslim country.
20?? – Russian government is overthrown in Islamic revolution.
20?? – Washington D.C. is obliterated by a terrorist nuclear weapon.

This is the first of two blog entries that culminate in a dire prediction about the future of America if the Church does not wake up and America does not turn back to God. America and the Church are in a spiritual and moral "state of emergency." Spiritual "air raid sirens" have been sounding for so long that they have become more "background noise." Our nation is decomposing from within. The glory has departed. Our national rebellion against the light and truth continues to increase and ferment and God has decreed destruction upon our land.

Over 40 million in utero American citizens have been murdered since January 22, 1973 as a direct result of the most self-immolating Supreme Court decision in our nation's history, Roe v. Wade. The blood of the innocents cries to God from the ground while their murdered souls cry out in heaven, “How long, O Lord, holy and true, doest thou not judge and avenge our blood on them that dwell on the earth.” (Revelation 5:10) Lawmakers, political activists, educators and lobbyists demand the “right” to continue the slaughter. Our future has been euthanized and our nation is cursed with a curse.

The Church yawns in the face of the slaughter. Professing Christians vote, and in some cases even campaign, for political candidates who are committed to the prenatal holocaust. As the unborn are herded into abortion boxcars outside her doors, a disregardful Church implores God for a fresh outpouring of His manifest presence.

Abortion is rarely spoken of from Western pulpits except, perhaps, once each year on the anniversary of Roe v. Wade. In many cases, Church leaders resist those would marshal fellow church-goers to action. Parishoners who advocate speaking out are treated with passive disdain. Mainline Christian denominations have even joined the fight for a woman’s "right" to kill her baby at any time for any reason.

According to a 1994-1995 Alan Guttmacher Institute survey of 10,000 abortion patients, one in five women having abortions are “born-again” or evangelical Christians. If you think the date of the Guttmacher study weakens its findings, ask yourself, “Could it be much better fifteen years later?” How much better would be better enough? Worldwide, Muslims have lower abortion rates than Christians.

How can we expect God to pour “latter rain” upon our churches when we are ambivalent about the murder of His babies? If the Salt of the Earth does not speak prophetically into our culture, who will? If God calls us to seek the good of the nation He has placed us in, then we have a responsibility to speak out forcefully. In a society that protects freedom of speech, we are without excuse.

Instead of embracing God’s command to “be fruitful and multiply and subdue the earth,” (Genesis 1:28) our nation has opted for a convenient, undisrupted existence with two-designer-children-families. Sadly, large Christian families are often viewed as aberrant within the Christian community. I can’t begin to count the number of times I’ve heard Christian couples blithely pronounce, “We’ve had our two and we’re done.”

Abortion, devaluation of children, and a concomitant decline in birth rates have left America with an aging society that will soon collapse under the weight of the entitlements it demands from shrinking younger generations. To “quick fix” the looming demographic and economic crisis, we, like Western Europe, have flung open our borders without demanding that would-be “citizens” fully embrace our language, culture, history, political system, and yes, religious values – Christian values that define us and that have made us the great nation that we are.

If America does not repent of the sin of abortion, our future is bleak indeed.


God wake us up!

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Jenifer said...

Your comment about the courts 'defecating' on the seminal reflection of God's glory is succinct! Sad, but true. We are living a lie when we smear family/marriage/children with the devil's whispers. God, send us another Great Awakening for the non-believers in Jesus Christ, and true revival in the hearts of those who love you, that our love would not grow cold, but that your passion in us would shine forth and reach to every corner of our society here in America. Wake us up and use us, Lord!!!

Thanks, Bill, for your profound thoughts on the state of our nation.

Jenny Mahler

weave said...

Thanks Bill for your warnings. I concur. Unless we awaken, and awaken soon, America as we knew and loved her will be but a memory. Read Divinization.