Wednesday, January 28, 2009

They Are Here

Following is taken from a recent post by Brigitte Gabriel of Act for America:

Already in 2009, we are seeing numerous alarming signs that the Islamist threat has reached our shores. There is not much time.

Having studied the threat in-depth, I’ve learned and continue to learn everything I can about Islam and the true intentions of Islamists toward the West, especially the United States. I have listened to briefings given by scholars, experts and intelligence officials who advise US Government agencies regarding the Islamist threat including the “stealth jihad.” I have written numerous times in blog entries and in e-mails about the very real threat North America faces from Islamism’s slow and steady march. Ignorance is not helpful. Denial is worse.

Contrary to what we normally hear from US Government officials, violence is not the greatest threat we face from terrorists. The far more insidious threat to our culture, system of government, way of life, and religious freedoms is unfolding, unnoticed, right under our noses. Unfortunately, our ignorance makes America Islamism's “frog in the kettle.” The US will face circumstances similar to our European allies who are dealing with emboldened Islamists demanding more and greater accommodations. Having a President who seems sympathetic toward Islamists’ ‘concerns’ does not bode well.

Islamism is gaining ground in Europe at an alarming pace. Some say there is still hope for Europeans to pull their continent out of its cultural nose dive. Absent a major Christian spiritual awakening across Europe, I do not expect Europe to recover. In fact, widespread Christian revival in Europe is likely to spark persecution of Christians by Islamists who can almost taste a soon-to-be restored Caliphate.

I see Islam in Europe through a prophetic prism. I do not know how much longer it will be before European countries begin falling to Islam-imposed sharia law, but it is not far off, unless of course you consider a few decades to be "far off." Once Europe begins to fall, the US will be further isolated and weaker, both economically and in alliances. The pressure to enact similar ‘reforms’ will be hard to fight.

As of January 27, the following events have already taken place in the US and around the globe (courtesy: Act for America):

  • An Islamist protest in Britain turned violent as an angry Islamic mob shouting “Allahu Akbar” chased dozens of British police officers for blocks. See the shocking YouTube video. How long will it be before 50,000 ranting Muslim demonstrators chase riot police in America? Know this; what Islamists tried and succeeded in doing in the UK will be exported to the US.
  • Pro-Hamas, anti-Israel Islamist demonstrators carried out protests in several US cities during the recent Israeli military campaign in Gaza. Many of these so-called “religion of peace” members carried signs expressing genocidal hatred toward Israel including “Go back to the ovens,” an obvious reference to Hitler’s “final solution.” Some of the cities where protests occurred include Ft. Lauderdale, Washington, DC, New York City, Atlanta, Boston, Colorado, and Los Angeles. (links lead to actual video footage for some of these cities).
  • The Amsterdam Court of Appeals will try Dutch parliamentarian Geert Wilders for making “insulting” statements deemed harmful to “the religious esteem” of Muslims.
  • Austrian parliamentarian Susanne Winter convicted of incitement for public statements she made, including the claim that the prophet Mohammed was a pedophile.
  • Muslim protest marches in Italy ended with mass prayer vigils conducted directly in front of Catholic churches, an obvious attempt to intimidate.
  • A just-released official US Government report has concluded that Hezbollah-sponsored terrorist cells are forming in the U.S. and could activate at any time.
  • The UN is pressing forward with the anti-Israel “Durban II” Conference which calls for the suppression of public “defamatory” speech against Islam. Durban II coincides with a parallel effort by the Organization of the Islamic Conference to get the UN Human Rights Commission to pass a resolution condemning public “defamation” of Islam. How will these events intimidate free speech in America?
  • Islamic enclaves known as “no-go-zones” in Europe are beginning to form in America. Dearborn, Michigan has been nicknamed “Dearbornistan.”

Islamists, principally members of the Muslim Brotherhood, have infiltrated every stratum of American society and Government and are patiently executing a unified strategy to transform the United States into an Islamic state. Do not dismiss what I am saying as sensationalist or fear-mongering. The Islamic threat is REAL and growing in America. Every person reading this e-mail owes it to our children and our God-given country, to pray and be informed.

Islam is energized by a formidable demonic principality in the heavenlies that has been turned loose on the nations. Many countries have been infiltrated so significantly that they have passed the point of no return.

I am not advocating that churches and Christians in America drop everything and join a new ‘crusade’ against Islam. Waking up to the threat would be a step in the right direction, however. The transformation that is taking place in Europe and to a lesser degree in America is the result of Christianity’s decline in western society and Christians’ who, not having a biblical world view, vote in direct opposition to Kingdom values!

We must act now, “for the night is coming when no man can work;” (John 9:4) the time we have remaining to stop the advance of Islamism is very short.

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