Saturday, November 8, 2008

What's Next?

On March 13, 2008 after a time of morning prayer, I wrote the following in an e-mail to friends:
I believe the Lord impressed upon … a looming US economic crisis that is a “beginning of sorrows” or birth pangs for the United States and possibly world financial markets.

I am not an economist and I make no claim to be a “prophet” … I believe other “birth pangs” will follow economic hardship … I believe that the US is going to suffer a major terrorist event(s) in the not too distant future.

On June 23, 2008, in a two-part post to my blog (Seeds for Good Soil), entitled, The End of America, I made the following assertion:

The years ahead will be characterized by a series of withering “birth pangs” that will grow in frequency and intensity. America will be hit by apocalyptic events from which we will not be able to recover.

On June 24, I wrote the following:

God is about to allow our nation to be crippled with an event or events so "apocalyptic" that they will end America as we know it and accelerate the world's progression to the end.

On September 21, 2008, I wrote this:

America’s woes will continue to escalate unless our nation repents of the sin of abortion.

On September 29, 2008:

America’s [economic] hemorrhaging will not abate unless and until our nation repents of the sin of Abortion. Even if our nation does repent, we may only be able to reduce or delay the inevitable, for we have sinned against great light.

During the weeks leading up to the election, my heart was heavy with a sense of foreboding. I knew that America would change dramatically if Obama won. That sense of foreboding has not abated.

I know many people, Christians among them, get angry when I say that the President Elect’s carefully crafted winsome persona hides a Marxist-Leninist heart. I discerned this very early in the campaign and tried in vain to warn friends and loved ones not to be duped. Some are not duped at all, but favor Obama’s radical agenda.

On election night I wrote the following:

I can’t say with pinpoint accuracy exactly when or what specific legislation Obama will introduce, but based on his voting record and some of the things he’s said during the campaign, I am fairly certain he will attempt to do the following:

  • He will do nothing to impede the wanton slaughter of the unborn, ensuring God’s retribution against our Nation.
  • He will appoint activist Supreme Court justices who will radically alter America. Two activist replacement jurists could sentence Scalia, Roberts, Alito and Thomas to a protracted minority role, rendering their opinions on constitutional issues, non sequitur.
  • With a filibuster-proof House and Senate, Obama will move quickly to reinstate the “Fairness Doctrine” in order to silence opposition voices. Make no mistake; the primary target of the Fairness Doctrine is “Talk Radio.”
  • Speaking of “prophecy,” Biden suggested that Obama’s perceived weakness on international diplomacy would invite an international crisis within the first 6 months of his presidency. I will be very surprised if it takes that long.
  • By his oft-repeated criticism of the Iraq war and stated commitment to withdraw US troops from the Iraq theatre, Obama has painted himself into a corner. His radical base will not tolerate a protracted withdrawal so he will need to act swiftly and deliberately in order to sustain his popularity among his base.
  • Obama will push for amnesty for illegal aliens, but much like the “Fairness Doctrine” euphemism, it will be presented as much-needed “immigration reform.” Since, as a voting bloc, the Latino community tends favor Democrats, he will want to open the floodgates to substantially increase the number of Latino voters. This could tip already razor-thin national election margins into the Democratic column for the foreseeable future.
  • He will introduce “hate speech” laws designed to silence anyone who is outspoken and “politically incorrect.” Smelling blood in the water, tort attorneys will launch into a feeding frenzy over just about anything said except “Good morning,” and “Have a nice day.”

Each of these policies are part of a carefully-conceived plan.

Americans’ bitterness toward the Bush administration combined with Obama’s hypnotic appeal fueled a wave of irrational exuberance for “change” that Obama rode to victory. By electing Obama as our 43rd President, Americans have put our nation in great peril. I do not believe many Christians realize how bad life is going to get under an Obama administration.

Here are a few of the things I believe are coming next in the unfolding of God’s judgment upon America. With significant majorities in the House and Senate, Democrats will move quickly to dismantle the American Republic in the following ways:

  1. A frightening cult-like blindness has shrouded the minds of the Obama faithful. Many, including "Evangelicals," have been seduced by Obama’s oratory prowess and utopian vision. This is characteristic of the “great falling away” that is already underway in post-Christian America and in the Church.
  2. Many Christians and Church leaders will be swept up in the euphoric call to join a movement for “national unity” and to be loyal to our new President. Many will adopt a hostile attitude toward fellow Church members who refuse to join the Obama jubilee. Democrats will use Christians who have embraced their cause as examples of "how a good Christian should act" to shame those who do not jump on the band-wagon.
  3. Pastors who refused take a stand prior to the election and who continue to refuse after the election, will lose the respect of their congregations when members begin to see how radical Obama’s agenda really is.
  4. Christians who were certain Obama would never be as radical as some Conservative voices predicted will, to their horror and dismay, learn differently.
  5. Many Christians who do not like “Talk Radio” will be glad to see it go. What they do not realize, however, is that this is only a first step toward speech suppression in our nation. Soon enough, the speech police will come for the Church. Do you think you are immune, pastor? Study Canadian and European policies for a preview of things to come.
  6. Weakened by a failing US economy, America’s enemies will be emboldened and attack. Not knowing how to respond, this administration will try to show “good will” by adopting a conciliatory disposition toward our enemies.
  7. Islamic influence in national, state, and local governments will increase dramatically. Islamists will be protected from open criticism by “hate speech” laws enacted by Congress and the President. I would not be at all surprised if we begin to hear some politicians call for a special dispensation in the application of sharia law to Muslim legal cases.

President-Elect Obama has moved quickly to appoint far-left political “gangsters” to key posts in his administration including Chicago political thug, Rahm Emmanual as White House Chief of Staff. So much for “governing from the center.”

Before Election Day 2008, I repeatedly warned that Obama, if elected President, would move swiftly to reinstitute the “Fairness Doctrine” in an effort to shut down “Talk Radio.” Yesterday, CNET news reported that the President-Elect had chosen Henry Rivera to head the Federal Communication Commission (FCC) transition team.

The CNET article failed to mention Rivera’s philosophy of communications and the policies he pursued as FCC Commissioner from August 10, 1981 to September 15, 1985. Well known for his leftist views, Rivera is a staunch advocate of the “Fairness Doctrine.” He is expected to spearhead the effort to take conservatism off the air.

Reinstituting the Fairness Doctrine will greatly demoralize conservatives and weaken their resolve to rally for conservative causes. Democrats are well aware of Talk Radio's effectiveness and this is why they want the Fairness Doctrine reinstated.

Obama also wants to see more regulation of the Internet. He will sell an intrusive Internet policy as the only way to guarantee “open access” for everyone.

If the first few days after the election are any indication of how Obama will govern, we are in deep trouble. He is proving himself to be calculated and deliberate.

As I’ve stated in the past, many in our society will “sleep soundly” through the bloodless overthrow of traditional American ideals and the Constitutional principles that made our nation great. Like the frog in the kettle, they will not know until it is too late, and many will never know.

The most powerful weapon the Church still has is prayer; we need to start in earnest, now.

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